Migrating DEC, HP and Sun Servers into the cloud

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 Learn how much you could save by switching to Stromasys

Are you running critical legacy applications on obsolete and unsupported hardware from Sun Microsystems, DEC or HP?

You may benefit from a new program in which Technology Spa is partnering with Stromasys to reduce the cost, risk and effort needed to migrate legacy systems into the cloud, while extending the life of your business critical systems running on DEC, HP, and Sun servers. Additionally, through Technology Spa’s partnership with the major cloud providers, we can help our customers take advantage of historical incentives and funding to help reduce migration and operating costs.

Are you facing the decision, in support of new work from home requirements, of accelerating your migration to cloud or making an additional capital investment in the data center just to prop up systems that a few months ago were only accessible inside of the corporate firewall?

Are you running into compliance issues when faced with aging hardware and applications but are technologically locked into legacy platforms that are expensive to maintain and at risk of failure?

By removing the classic hardware from the equation, Stromasys Charon™ solutions greatly reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and failure. Furthermore, migration into the cloud adds elasticity and improves reliability and availability using redundant hardware and data replication technologies not available in classic hardware.

Stromasys is a pioneer in the field of cross-platform server virtualization technologies and provides Charon™ emulation software solutions for classic DEC, HP, and Sun systems. This software makes it possible for x86 servers to mimic older (legacy) servers, so that the original applications can keep running on modern hardware — without modification, so no recompiling, re-certifying, nor migrating source code.
Stromasys cross-platform server virtualization presents an alternative to full migration and searching for used parts. With Stromasys, you simply swap out your end-of-life (EOL) classic hardware and move your entire software stack to the new virtualized environment — increasing performance, lowering cost, and reducing risk — all at once, and in a matter of days. Stromasys has the ability to serve its clients globally with its products, services, and support that make virtualization not only a smooth and low-cost transition, but also the smartest way forward.

Technology Spa engages with customers to evaluate these legacy systems for modernization and migration into the public cloud. Our team not only looks to find compatibility with the virtualization stack, but also analyzes dependencies, and optimizes across the public cloud stack to emphasize reliability, scalability and performance while addressing your budget needs.

My team would like the opportunity to help you in evaluating the fit and benefits of using Charon™ and migration to public cloud. Please use the “Contact Us” button below to get started.