Windows End Of Life (2003 & 2008) Program with AWS

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MS Windows End of Life Program

Technology Spa is partnering with Amazon Web Services to reduce the cost, risk and effort needed to migrate to the cloud, while extending the life of your current investment in technology allowing you to achieve greater ROI. Through this partnership, we can help our customers take advantage of historical incentives and funding to help reduce migration costs and operating costs in AWS.

In support of new work from home requirements, are you facing the decision of accelerating your migration to cloud or making an additional capital investment in the data center to prop up systems that just months ago were only accessible inside of the corporate firewall? Additionally, are you running into compliance issues when faced with aging hardware and applications but are technologically locked into legacy platforms and systems that will require significant budget and effort to refactor? Most companies have been impacted to some degree by the end of support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 on January 14th of this year. They may have gotten extended support for a limited amount of time, but this only pushes out the issue not solving the problem.

Amazon has recently launched the AWS End-of-Support Migration Program (EMP) for Windows Server. This program offers the technology and expert guidance to migrate your applications running on Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2008 R2 to the latest, supported versions of Windows Server on AWS. Through EMP technology, critical applications are decoupled from the underlying OS so that they can be migrated to the supported version of Windows Server on AWS without code changes.

In partnership with Amazon, Technology Spa has become one of just 25 partners globally to have consultants trained and certified to help customers take advantage of this program. In addition to having  AWS Certified staff formally trained in the AWS EMP solution our team provides:

  • Deep expertise in generations of Windows platforms, from NT4 to Server 2019
  • Accelerators for AWS Cloud standards and governance for EMP footprint and beyond
  • White-glove Cloud engineering and DevOps automation
  • 24/7/365 Operations & Managed Services for mission-critical environments

Technology Spa has the subject matter experts to help our customers assess their applications for compatibility, estimate TCO, migrate, cutover and provide ongoing support without any refactoring. This means you can now leverage the benefits of having the system in AWS and don’t have to worry about upgrading these applications when the next end of support event for Windows Server arrives.

How it works


EMP Technology works by identifying the dependencies that your application has on the outdated OS and creating a package that includes the resources necessary for the application to run on the newer version of Windows Server. The package includes all the application files, runtimes, components, and deployment tools, as well as an engine that redirects the API calls from your application to files within the package. This resolves the dependencies and decouples the application from the underlying OS, allowing you to run the packaged application on future versions of Windows Server.

Our team follows a proven process to help you get the most benefit from EMP while reducing risk:

  1. Conduct feasibility study and requirements assessment
  2. Develop business-case focused on cost and security
  3. Demonstrate proof-of-concept to validate EMP approach
  4. Scope and lead production readiness qualifier
  5. Approve and execute production transition plan to AWS

Technology Spa would like the opportunity to help you take advantage of EMP on AWS, please submit your email here and a representative will follow up with additional information.